blue bird

Want to experience something different, a one of a kind excursion that will always be in your heart? Then take a step further and experience nature like you have never seen it before with the help of a professional guide.

  1. In love with nature and wildlife?

Not only kids love to stay in the middle of nature and to find out more about the amazing animals that they see on TV, but also adults love to experience something different, something that will relax them and at the same time connect them with the beauties of nature. We all have to understand how important it is to preserve the historical heritage, to conserve the environment and to save the wild animals.

  1. Make a conscious decision

Mass tourism impacts the environment, while ecotourism represents the decision of reducing human’s impact on nature. This type of excursions has the main purpose of educating tourists, of letting them know more about nature and about their possibilities of making things change. They are a beneficial form of tourism that helps the local communities and makes it possible to invest money in preserving the resources that nature has. Choose this different type of tourism and cooperate with us, help us preserve the wonders that nature offered.

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