Few Important Places to Visit in Alaska

If you are planning to visit Alaska for holidaying then there are a few places that are really worth visiting. You can take the snaps of those places and preserve them as an unforgettable memory of your visit.

Places of Interest in Alaska by lakeandpen.com

  1. Portage Pass

While going for Alaska hiking tours you can either drive or walk on the short gravel road where you will find beautiful surroundings of mountains with glacier views.

  1. Barometer Mountain – Kodiak

If you make 4 miles of round trip then you can get elevation of 2500 feet. This place will give you an experience of island life. While visiting Kodiak you should certainly not miss it and also enjoy the wildlife of the surrounding.

  1. Indian River Trail – Sitka

If you can do 4 to 5-mile hike to Sitka then you will be stunned with the beauty of waterfall. Also, if you are fond of fishing then you can find rivers filled with fishes.

Also, few other places worth mentioning here are as follows:

  1. Chilkoot Trail – Skagway
  2. Kesugi Ridge
  3. Lost lake – Kenai Peninsula
  4. Crow Pass
  5. Deer Mountain Trail – Ketchikan
  6. Mount Marathon – Seward
  7. Wickersham Dome Trail
  8. Twin Peaks Trail – Eklutna Lake
  9. Hatcher Pass – Palmer
  10. Exit Glacier – Seward
  11. Gunsight Mountain
  12. Mount Healy overlook – McKinley village
  13. Mount Roberts Alpine Loop Trail
  14. South Fork to Triangle Peak
  15. Tutka Bay
  16. Cooper Landing Overlooking Skilak Lake
  17. Auke Lake Trail – Juneau